Unlock Your Glutes Review: Fix Postpartum Back Pain For Good

When I was pregnant with my kids, I had terrible morning sickness, heartburn, and many other symptoms that would come and go.

As the baby grew in my stomach, I started experiencing back pain.

Back pain is a common problem that many women face during pregnancy – you are not alone.

back ache started during pregnancy fix

Numbers show that 70% of women will experience back pain at one point or another, but 50% to 80% of pregnant women deal with pain in the lower back area.

For one-third of pregnant women back pain is a significant problem.

I was one of those women and probably you too or someone you know.

After all, we are walking around for months with that little lump hanging off the front of us, turning us into a strange wobbly pear shape!

No wonder your back takes the strain

During pregnancy, I firmly believed the pain, along with other symptoms, will go away after I gave birth to my baby.

I mean, that’s how it’s supposed to be, right?

Well, it turns out I was mistaken. Back pain persisted, and it prevented me from doing things I used to do with ease. That wasn’t the worst thing about it.

With my second child it was tenfold: I would experience back pain from lifting the toddler and carrying my baby as well.

Do you drive?

Seriously, how difficult is it at times getting the car seat in and out whilst you’re leaning inside the car – yelling at the toddler to get in their seat too. Argh!

For quite some time I didn’t really do anything about it because I somehow expected it would go away on its own. At least I hoped it would.

I would also experience pain in my hips, just like many other moms out there.

Once I decided to be proactive about back pain, I realized how complicated this issue is.

But, I can’t complain, I still learned a lot about pregnancy, back pain, and its occurrence in the postpartum period too.

However, I still wanted to find a practical, fast, and affordable solution that wouldn’t revolve around pills and other measures that don’t fit into a busy mom’s life.

That is when I started looking for products hoping they would help me banish back pain post pregnancy.

I got some stuff, but they weren’t quite helpful although they promised a lot.

You’ve probably come across numerous products for back pain and other health problems and realized they didn’t work despite big claims on the label and an informative website.

I didn’t give up though.

Allowing pain to rob me of precious moments with my baby wasn’t the option.

exercise for pregnant woman suffering from back ache pain

I love hanging out with other moms; it’s a great way to share experiences, socialize, and what not.

On one occasion we were discussing the frustrating pain in back and hips, especially when picking up or carrying the baby.

One mom mentioned she got rid of the pain using the Unlock Your Glutes program. At first, I didn’t really believe her because my pain was in the lower back area and hips, glutes weren’t the issue. At least I thought so.

But, it did get me thinking primarily because that was information I haven’t heard before so I took to google and did some research.

I looked up Unlock Your Glutes and read all about the program, and despite my initial skepticism I decided to try it out.

The program came at a really low price, so it’s not like I was going to lose anything really.

The program is written in a simple language that made it easier for me to follow it.

I implemented everything that was recommended in Unlock Your Glutes and hoped for the best.

Amazingly, my hopes turned into reality.

The pain was completely gone faster than I could have ever imagined.

With no pain on the horizon, I was able to focus more on my baby while still following the program because it helps me stay fit without spending too much time on exercise.

Since I’ve experienced a tremendous pain relief I decided to share my Unlock Your Glutes review because of all the questions I keep receiving about back pain, hip pain postpartum and what to do about it.

girl exercise back pain problem

So if your sat there, shuffling around in discomfort like a scratch that cannot be itched then read on.

If however you are just after some Diet or Exercise tips that can help a busy mom like yourself lose some weight postpartum – check out my other reviews, the ones that worked best for me:

What is Unlock Your Glutes?

Unlock Your Glutes is a four-week step-by-step glutes training program created for men and women who want to sculpt and strengthen their butts in order to improve body shape.

The program is also ideal for moms who deal with pain in their hips and back.

Unlock Your Glutes resides on the fact that most things we know about training aren’t really that beneficial or effective. After all, many people train regularly and see no improvements in their physique or butt appearance.

Surprisingly, Glutes are the most powerful muscle in the body, but they’re largely misunderstood.

That’s why we see no change even with regular training.

Almost every moment of the lower body requires glutes, and they have a major impact on your range of motion and overall functionality of other muscles.

In order to improve the appearance of our butt, we’re often told to do squats and lunges. I also did those exercises on a daily basis.

However, these exercises don’t really unlock our glutes making us frustrated when we see no change whatsoever.

That’s exactly what Unlock Your Glutes programs wants to solve.

Brian Klepacki, a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a Master ’s degree in exercise science, developed the program.

brian unlock your glutes creator

He dedicated the last 16 years of his career to working on the exercise science that would help him develop the best training plan for unlocking glutes.

But, I Have Back Pain, Not a Pain in My Glutes

Honestly, I thought the same way. Why would I want to get a program to strengthen glutes when my problem’s in back and hips?

It turns out tight, locked, and weak glutes can have a huge impact on your back and overall health for that matter.

All the muscles in the body are interconnected, meaning weakness in one muscle affects other body parts. For instance, tight calf muscles can lead to ankle pain.

Glutes weaken due to prolonged sitting and many other reasons.

Different signs and symptoms are associated with weak and locked glutes, including:

As you can see, locked glutes can have a strong impact on your range of movement and overall quality of life.

They can also contribute to back pain postpartum and other uncomfortable symptoms that moms experience after childbirth and even years later.

As a side note – My Husband also follows the advice given, He sits at an office desk all day, which over the years has resulted in tight hamstrings, and lower back pain. Guess what helped!?

That right, working on his Glutes was a huge help for his lower back pain.

help ease back pain sat at desk muscles

How Does The Program Work?

The program works by educating you about glutes and training of these muscles while also showing you what exercises to do and maneuvers to make, in order to train your glutes properly.

Unlock Your Glutes debunks three major myths:

THE SQUAT MYTH – most people, do squats to get shapelier butt, but they are vertical movements while you also need to perform some lateral and twisting movements.

Each muscle in this area needs to be activated with a specific exercise (or more of them) which is why most programs fail – they don’t activate all glutes

SUPER LONG GYM WORKOUTS – the longer you exercise, the better the results. That’s what we’re usually told. One personal trainer told me I should not expect any changes in my body if I don’t spend hours in the gym.

But I have a child to take care of, many other things to do and it’s impossible for me to spend that much time working out on a daily basis.

Unlock Your Glutes program was created to help you achieve desired results in 15 minutes only

● SLEEPING GLUTES – flat butt and sleeping glutes usually occur because we sit too much, so the program works to wake up your glutes and activate them properly

The program relies on the #1 exercise to develop a rounder and stronger butt – hip thrust.

What I like the most about hip thrust is that it is easy to perform it in the gym, home, in the backyard, wherever you want or can. Expect some odd looks if it is the middle of the street though lol.

This is particularly useful for us busy moms who are all about practical approaches to everything including our workouts.

Hip thrust protects the spine and knees from the unwanted strain that is usually associated with squats and lunges.

Unlock Your Glutes program is the best back and glutes workout for women thanks to essential techniques such as:

The program promises you will notice results in less than 30 days. That is a bold statement!

Unlock your glutes review for pregnant women

What’s Included in The Program?

Probably my favorite thing about Unlock Your Glutes is that it provides both education and instructions. It doesn’t just list all the exercises you should be doing, but carefully explains the whole process.

So, the package includes:

# Unlock Your Glutes manual – contains all the myths and misconceptions about strengthening your glutes using the latest scientific findings and author’s experience working with elite athletes. The manual shows what works, what doesn’t work and contains pictures of each exercise

# Complete coaching videos – contains 36 exercises to show you the exact form and movement pattern

Besides the manual and Video, your order also comes with certain bonuses such as:

# Strong legs workout – designed in conjunction with Unlock Your Glutes to decrease injury risk and avoid over-training. The actual value is $47, but it’s FREE with this program

# 14-day rapid fat loss plan – designed to help you slim down and stay healthy. The actual price of the program is $47, but it’s free with Unlock Your Glutes

Is The Program Expensive?

As I’ve already mentioned above in my Unlock Your Glutes review, the program is incredibly affordable. Especially given the freebies too!

While the regular price is $50, there’s a discount on the official website where you can get it for $17 ««« Link: Go to the Official Site for the Discount Price »»»

Plus, the program is also covered by the 60-day money back guarantee that promises you’ll get a refund if needed.

I didn’t think twice when I read how affordable it was and I have no regrets. Considering the program truly works $17 makes it look like the author is basically giving it away.

Final Verdict on Unlock Your Glutes

I struggled with back pain after pregnancy for quite some time, and most things I’ve tried were unsuccessful.

Before I stumbled upon Unlock Your Glutes I had no idea glutes could play a role in my problem as well.

All in all, I’m glad I found the program, and I still stick to all the instructions and the exercise plan. I’m feeling happier, more energetic, and have no pain whatsoever.

I purchased Unlock Your Glutes from the official site HERE, less than $20 for amazing tips and advice around something that gave me so much daily grief.

*** UPDATE ***

My good friend Charlotte was reading my Unlock your Glutes Review – she too has had loads of issues with back pain after Pregnancy. She was telling me about another product that she used and swears by – Unlock your Hip Flexors.

I actually thought she got the name wrong and was talking about this product!

From what Charlotte has told me, it is another brilliant solution for Back pain and Hip pain for us suffering moms!

In fact, it covers much more – coping with anxiety, and how to stop looking fat…

Charlotte has been kind enough to write a review and contribute to my little site – so if you want to read an Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review then check it out here. (Thanks Charlotte you are Awesome!)

My personal advice – Mom to Mom – Get them both – they are so cheap and effective, you cannot go wrong with the tips and advice in these packages and the freebies they have included.

Buy Unlock Your Glutes Here

Buy Unlock Your Hip Flexors Here

Please drop me a message in the comments as I would LOVE to hear how you got on.

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