12 Top Fitness Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year as they say, and there’s no better way to celebrate it than spoiling those you love with the right Christmas fitness gifts.

Fitness and Exercise play significant parts in people’s lives these days. It goes beyond mild interest, let’s face it, sometimes we are obsessed with our Health.

When it comes to gifts, fitness presents are an excellent Christmas gift choice. We all want to look our best and stay healthy – in this year and the next.

At Fatsense, I have sat down with my husband, my bestie’s, and some of my fellow gym goer’s to see if we can build a list of the top fitness gifts for Xmas 2018.

We tried to cover fitness gifts for everyone: Husband, Wife, Parent, Cycling enthusiasts, Gym nuts……

If you are lacking inspiration for fitness gifts for 2018, then here are our great ideas for loved ones and friends this year.

1. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

Ideal Christmas Gift for Teenagers interested in Fitness or Boxing.

This jump rope is custom sized and extremely fast. It is the perfect gift for a nephew, or young friend who wants to get into boxing or maybe just improve core stamina. The quality of this jump rope is backed up by the huge number of reviews and purchases. The WOD Nation jump rope is built to last. They will love to use this rope thanks to its swivel bearing handles and 4 bearing system!

2. URPower Running Belt

Perfect Gift for Runners

If you know someone that loves jogging, this belt can make their favourite workout session even more enjoyable. It comes with zipper pockets and water holders which will turn out to be very efficient during running and even hiking. Plus, it is made of waterproof material that will last for a long time. The URPower Running Belt comes at a very budget friendly price so you won’t have to break your budget to make someone happy this Christmas. If you are out of fitness gifts ideas, this is a great gift for the runner you know and love!

3. Beachbody on Demand Subscription

My No.1 All Round Christmas Gift for Fitness Enthusiasts

I have a Review of beachbody on demand here if you are interested. Let me start by saying this would be the ultimate fitness related Christmas gift for me. I think it would suit anyone, any age, that enjoys a fitness workout. Over 700 workout videos including PiYo, Insanity, T25 and more. It is absolutely amazing! Such convenience allowing you to workout anywhere! This list isn’t in any order otherwise this would be right at the top. Check it out.

4. Fitbit Charge 3

Excellent Christmas 2018 fitness gift for your Wife or Girlfriend

The Fitbit Charge 3 is amazing. I have raved about this before in my pre-release review of the Fitbit Charge 3, but now I have mine I love it! If your girlfriend or your wife is trying to get back in shape, this is one of the best gifts to give her. I use it myself and it helps me tremendously. It shows you sooooo much information – heart rate, sleep, pedometer, cellphone notifications and so much more. You can choose from more varieties of colors and special edition straps according to what she likes best!

5. Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (19-Function)

Top Xmas Gift for a Cycling Enthusiast

If you are looking for fitness Christmas gifts for a cyclist friend or family member, this kit can be a real life saver! It is light and small for packing into a cycle bag or pocket. Equipped with spoke wrenches, chain tool, hex wrenches, screw drivers, torx, open wrenches and a lifetime warranty. This is a great piece of kit and can be so useful for the cycling enthusisast.

6. TRX Training BASIC Suspension Trainer Kit, Full Body, 20 Minute Workouts

Best fitness gift idea for Dad

When it comes to finding an ideal fitness gifts for Dad, if he doesn’t have any specific sorting interests (Golf always wins in our house) then look no further than the TRX suspension kit. It is lightweight, convenient and perfect for full body workouts anywhere any time – working off some of that Christmas weight gain . Dad will love to be able to workout in the comfort of the house – or garage. This kit is made to provide amazing results in a short period of time and work the entire body. It can be used to burn calories, build some muscle or improve the cardio function

7. Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle - 32oz

A Gift any Workout Freak would love!

We all know how important water is and how no one should workout without having a bottle of water close by them. Getting dehydrated can be a serious threat during workout sessions so consider giving this fast flow, BPA free, water bottle to someone you care for. It comes in a variety of colors and it has a capacity of 32oz. This water bottle is safe to use and made to last for a long time which is why it is so popular and one of the best christmas gifts for health nuts or beginners alike

8. Bear KompleX 3 hole hand grips and gymnastics grips

Top fitness gift idea for Husband / Boyfriend

Extremely comfortable hand grips that are great for cross training, gym, or gymnastics. Made of genuine leather and with a custom wrist strap designed for comfort, these gloves are fantasic. Quality leather and triple stitched so they do not let you down. Again, look at the no of sales and reviews – these are proven hand grips!


The ideal present for a workout maniac trying to build muscle fast!

If you have that one friend or family member who loves to workout and spends hours at the gym, chances are they also like to track their protein intake. This protein powder tastes like a delicious vanilla ice cream, they can be sure that they have all the protein and nutrients they need as long as they consume it regularly. Make no mistake this is one of the best quality Whey Proteins around. You can get it in many flavors but the Vanilla one is my favorite choices. This is a great xmas gift for boyfriends or any aspiring bodybuilder.

10. Anthem Athletics Resilience MMA Shorts

Surprise him with these modern yet very efficient crossfit shorts!

Any man that loves to workout will appreciate this pair of shorts more than you can imagine. They come in all the colors you can think of and are extremely comfortable to wear. These shorts are tear-resistant and they will look like new for a long time, regardless to how many times they are washed. The person wearing these shorts can enjoy any type of workout without being worried of revealing more than they want!

11. Shock Absorber Women's Ultimate Run Bra

Excellent Running Gift for Yourself or a Friend

Wearing a sports bra can make all the difference for a woman. These bras are great for running, working out at the gym or at home and even for daily use. These bras are made of 81% Polyamide, 10% Polyester and 9% Elastane and they can easily be washed into the washing machine. Any woman would love to have one of these at least for those gym days or for the morning jogging session. The straps are adjustable and the price is very convenient for this product. With such qualities, there is no wonder that this run bra is one of the best fitness gifts for her.

12. BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch High Density Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat

The dream mat for every yoga lover!

If you know someone who is into yoga, don’t hesitate to give them this yoga mat for Christmas! It is one of the most popular yoga mats on the market and it also comes with a carrying strap to increase its comfort and portability. This mat can be used by both men and women and you can purchase it in a variety of beautiful colors! With generous dimensions of 71" long 24" wide, this is a very comfortable mat for any type of person regardless to their size. Both sides are made to not slip, anyone could rely on this mat even for the most daring yoga poses! A good Christmas present for yoga loving friends.

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to surprise your family and friends with a present that they are going to fall in love with.

And when it comes to best fitness gifts, your options are quite generous!

You can find plenty of healthy gifts for him and her, to help put a smile on their faces. Plus, you can be sure that they are going to use their present and improve their health by doing so!

…… All of the above will probably help with that extra Christmas weight we all put on ☺

What do you buy your loved ones at Christmas that is Fitness related? Ht the comments below as I would love to hear your gift ideas for christmas 2018 !

Have a good one x

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