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When I had my first child, the world was a rosy, glowing, happy place.

It was easier than I expected… kind of! Ok, maybe not easy, but with baby number One, everyone wants to HELP.

“Just give me a call and I will come look after her so you can have a shower, have a nap, go to the gym”.

So many great offers and not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I of course took them.

I managed to keep some sort of sanity and, most importantly, get back to my pre-baby fitness relatively quickly. (Stomach Muscles aside!)

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Stretching exercise warmup for beginners

Now, two years on, and with the second baby just one month old, the offers of help dried up.

No one wants to look after two kids under the age of three (Not surprisingly – it is EXHAUSTING!).

I can deal with missing a shower for a few days or the house getting a little messier. I am even learning to live with the sleep deprivation, but not getting to the gym and managing to keep myself fit was really getting me down.

Just some selfish time to myself pleeeeeeaaaassssssseeeeee!

Then, one day, I looked in the mirror and there they were, hanging down in all their ugly glory, the dreaded BINGO WINGS!

Dinner lady arms, bat wings, auntie arms – whatever you want to call them. I had BIG FLABBY ARMS, Nooooooooo!

Loose skin that hangs from the underside of your upper arms, the loose skin that says wow you are really out of shape.

I could’ve sulked, I could’ve cried (ok I did a little), I could even have embraced the wings, but instead I chose to do something about it, and something practical that fit my hectic lifestyle – enter the Slendertone Women’s Arm Toner.

slendertone womens arm toner tricep toner to tone flabby arms slendertone review

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I was at my local mum’s group one day, when I got chatting to the sister of one of the mum’s – Rebekah

She had lost 30kgs in the past 12 months, an AMAZING achievement, but the last bit to go was the dreaded under arm fat.

At the time, Rebekah was into every product on the market, she would TRY anything to move that last little bit.

We talked about all the products aimed at Bums, Tums, Thighs and Legs.

Gadgets, Fat Loss Workouts, Detox Tea, Calorie Busting Diets. You name it!

However, Rebekah struggled to find anything to tone flabby arms.

Several Amazon purchases later, she found the Slendertone Arm Toner also known as Slendertone Female Triceps Toner.

Rebekah finally achieved the lean body she had worked so hard over 12 months to get.

Like all of us she wanted to tone arms in a week but let’s be realistic!

Rebekah actually saw a reduction in arm fat within 4-6 weeks, a great result.

Rebekah’s amazing achievement was through hard work & determination, but also by trying and listening to SOLID weight loss advice.

I knew I had to give it a go!


As mentioned above, there are many MANY fitness products out there – men, women, young, old, fit, fat, toning, weight loss etc.

It is hard to decide on the best fat loss solution. Different exercises and plans suit different people. What worked for Rebekah may not work for you or me.

So, I made a checklist and decided I wouldn’t invest in any product that didn’t meet the following criteria:

The Slendertone Women’s Arm Toner ticked every box in my criteria.

Not sure how impartial this is as its right off their website but…

When used 5 times per week for 6 weeks, trials led by Platinum Research (Galway, Ireland) found that:

  • 89% of users reported more toned arms
  • 72% of users reported firmer arm muscles

slendertone womens arm toner tricep toner to tone flabby arms


Laptop on. Internet Open.

It took me a while to figure out what I actually needed.

The Women’s Arm Toner is also referred to as the Female triceps Toner. Not only that, it requires an additional controller to operate it.

Slendertone seem to offer various Add on products such as the Tricep toner, a Bottom toner, Abs toner.

If you have the money, then maybe just take the hit and buy the lot as a BUNDLE. If the product works then it is cheaper in the long run.

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*Please note the US model is slightly different to the UK/Euro models which are aimed more at Ladies, although i’m sure they do the same!

If it doesn’t work for you then sell them on, I’ve looked on eBay and they seem to retain value pretty well.

I decided to go nuts, buy the big BUNDLE, which includes the Abs Belt, Bottom Toner & Tricep Toner.

Well worth it compared to the cost of buying individually.

I will review the other Add ons at some point but my most pressing concern was fat underarms!

I ordered online and waited like a kid on Christmas Eve for my products to arrive.

My expectation of Instant MIRACLE results getting out of control.

Fast Forward a Day or two.

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Within 20 minutes of it arriving, it was out of the box, the pads were attached and I was away, operation “Bingo Wings Be Gone” was in ACTION!

The set up was easy.

Whilst wires and electronics may be scary to some, the instructions were straightforward and I had the device up and running within minutes.

How does it feel?

Whilst the sensation isn’t torturous, it isn’t totally pleasant either, but what sort of fitness is! Burpees are hardly as comfortable as an ice cream on a red-hot day!

I went quite easy at first, using it 2-3 times per week.

I had read reviews on how to tone arms in 3 weeks, and was disappointed when I hadn’t really noticed any change.

Maybe it’s just not that noticeable as it’s gradual?

Or maybe it’s because I didn’t read the usage guidelines, doh!

Follow these easy steps to get the most out of your Female Triceps Toner:

  • Tone 5 times each week for 6 weeks or until you achieve your firming/strengthening goals.
  • Tone 2-3 times per week to maintain strength and definition afterwards.

I decided to up the ante, using it daily, and at higher levels (multiple levels) and within two weeks, I noticed a difference.

My arms were looking more toned, more “normal”, clothes were fitting better on the arms and, while the Bingo Wings were not quite gone, I was already feeling more confident and happy with the way my arms looked.


I have the routine nailed now. In fact, I am going to start REDUCING how often I use it.

I believe my other Fitness activities in combination with light usage of the Tricep Toner should maintain the arm definition now.

Sometimes I wear the Slendertone on my morning walk (School Run), but let’s be honest it’s mostly while watching TV!

It is still odd wearing it in public, and yes I do cover it up as it does still feel quite alien, but that’s not to say i wont get there, it is much quieter than I was expecting and could easily be worn at coffee morning with mum’s group.

slendertone womens arm toner tricep toner to tone flabby arms slendertone review


It definitely seems the Product offerings aren’t as complete for my US Friends as they are for my European acquaintances, there doesn’t appear to be a unique “Female” Range – just a product aimed at both sexes.

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However Slendertone do offer some great advice on their Products

A brief snippet of the Slendertone help available:

Question: What’s the difference between Slendertone and other muscle toners?
Answer: Our EMS technology and designs are clinically proven, patented and completely exclusive.

Question: Can I use Slendertone Arms after having a baby?
Answer: Yes, but seek approval from your doctor first.

Question: Can I use my Slendertone Arms during regular ?
Answer: Combining arms toning with regular exercise can deliver better results, because the muscles are working harder. Bodyweight exercises and light workouts are recommended. Make sure that you use an intensity slightly lower than what you usually use.

Question: What is the warranty period on my Slendertone Arms?
Answer: Slendertone Arms comes with a two-year warranty on electronic parts. If a fault develops, view our troubleshooting section or please get in touch with our customer care team.

***On a side note, two years warranty is Excellent! It shows they are backing their product and it’s results.


In my opinion. YES.

There aren’t many WELL ESTABLISHED products that are better for toning those arms.

Having loose fat around your arms is NOT the worst thing to happen. In the grand scheme of things i can live with it.

It just really got to me because it was so stubborn to shift. All the effort i put into losing baby weight and Post Maternity toning, all undone.

So, if you too are looking for advice on how to tone flabby arms, give the Slendertone Arms Toner a try.

Does it take some getting used to? Yes! Is it worth it though? ABSOLUTELY!

All in all, the Slendertone Women’s Arm Toner is exactly what i need right now with my busy lifestyle to two young children.

I know it will not replace my gym routine, and won’t give me Schwarzenegger arms, but it has given me an opportunity to tone whilst on the run, and feel more confident in getting my arms back!

I would recommend this product to anyone who has a busy lifestyle and needs just a little help to tone their arms.

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sara stevens fitness program trusted reviewer

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Slendertone Women’s Arm Toner. Toning Arms, especially without weights, is not always easy. After having the kids, and then losing weight, that awkward arm fat was a pain to get rid! I got there eventually though, largely down to the Slendertone – I look forward to trying the other Add-ons i purchased too!




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