Keto Diet Vs the Atkins Diet: A Mums Choice

With all the different types of diets, I found that the Keto diet and the Atkins diet often get grouped together.

Though admittedly there are big similarities, when we delve deeper we see how each diet compares and who would benefit the most.

I want to explain what both these diets consist of, highlight the comparisons, the pros and cons and decide on which one could be the best for you.

This way, together, we can effectively utilize the diets and make sure we get the results that we actually want. So, let’s dive right in.

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The Keto Diet

The Ketogenic diet, created by Dr Russell Wilder in 1924, was interestingly initially used for treating epilepsy.

As the name suggests, it focuses on using ketones for energy, which are molecules made from fat that is much more efficient and cleaner than the energy you get from glucose.

The Ketogenic Diet generally works on a diet using these proportions:

70-80% – High Fats

20-25% – Adequate Protein

5-10% – Low Carbohydrates

From these figures, you’ll probably notice how low those carbohydrates percentages are, which I found was totally scary (I love my pasta!).

But, it’s this absence of carbohydrates that makes the difference, and honestly, it isn’t so hard.

Over time, your body starts to adjust and converts the stored fat into ketones. Eventually its this process that will melt away stomach fat and help shift the mommy tummy.

With this new elevated number of ketone bodies swimming around the bloodstream, you will achieve nutritional ketosis.

What is ketosis?

Before you can completely understand ketosis, we need to cover some of the simple facts.

The primary source of the energy you receive at the moment, which fuels your brain and body, is from glucose.

So, food like sugar, bread, fruit, grains, starchy vegetables and beans all contain glucose.

When there’s, for whatever reason, not enough glucose in the body to convert to energy, your body turns to alternative resources – your fat stores.

When this process occurs, things which we call ‘ketones’ are formed, and your body can use them as fuel.

This is ketosis. It’s the change in the body which makes the keto diet so appealing to so many people.

Positives of the Keto Diet

It all sounds a little scary right now, but the Ketosis diet benefits are plentiful.

Here they are the main keto benefits:

Metabolic flexibility This looks a little weird, but it’s actually cool. With any other diet, your body still runs off glucose for energy but with the Keto Diet, if you needed to, you can switch between what fuel you run off – fat or carbs.

This means somebody on this diet can switch between fat and carbs with no side effects.

Whereas somebody who immediately cuts out carbs will have super low energy, bad moods, headaches (Pretty much what I have anyway running around after a toddler lol).

Burns a lot of fat – if you are aiming to lose that post-baby tummy, or just any unwanted weight, the Keto Diet is incredibly effective. Your cells are running on stored fat, meaning you will lose weight so much faster.

Keeps your blood sugar low – When your body starts to rely on ketones, your blood sugar levels keep nice and low. Most people do not realise that insulin sensitivity is actually super important for losing weight too – it helps you process your body better.

Improves exercise performance – Many athletes and bodybuilders will go on the Keto Diet before a big event, just to improve the performance results.

Negatives of the Keto Diet

This is a common thing for me to say, but as with any Exercise, Diet, Fitness regime – It is NOT for everyone.

We are all different.

Find what is best for you, and your fitness goals, and adapt.

Listen to your body – or if you have any doubts consult your medical adviser first.

The Keto Diet isn’t for everybody, even the thought of it will turn some people away immediately. It does take quite a lot of self-discipline, but it should soon become natural.

The main Keto downsides:

It can feel restrictive – imagine a life without pasta or bread? (Eeeeek!) This can be hard for beginners (I found it quite difficult). However, you start to find alternatives and you are almost forced to be a little bit more creative.

You might get Keto Flu – I’m not joking. This is the name given to the reaction when your body has to switch from glucose to fats. Headaches, low motivation, body aches, mental fog are all side effects, it’ll only last a few weeks, though.

It takes a lot of monitoring – You really have to monitor your food closely, just to make sure you are following those percentages. If you do it – do it right!

keto vs atkins best diet

The Ultimate Keto Guide

To really begin with a Keto diet, you need to plan in advance. Get organized.

Set out a Keto diet plan which limits refined carbohydrates (pasta, bread, cereal etc). Cut out starch (potatoes, beans) and, believe it or not, some fruit.

Below we’ve listed a little guide on the ketogenic diet foods you should buy and exactly what you shouldn’t buy on your next shopping run if you want to follow the Keto Diet.

Interested but need some Super Expert Keto Advice ? At Fatsense, I have compiled some of the Best Keto Resources available.

Check them out here in our ULTIMATE Keto Diet Guide. (Guides, Recipes, Supplements)

The Atkins Diet: Explained

Let’s look at one of the alternatives to the Keto Diet.

You have seen all the stories and endorsements for the Atkins Diet yeah ?

The Low Carb lifestyle….

(Keep reading, if your swayed by the Atkins Diet I have a an Atkins Voucher Code that gives you some money off)

So, what is the Atkins Diet? Well, it was created in 1963 by Dr Robert Atkins.

Through research, he discovered that reducing carbohydrates from your diet can trigger weight loss, without any major restrictions. He published his findings and advice in a book, Dr Atkins’ Diet Revolution, which is now incredibly famous.

Its divided into two styles, these are:

Atkins 20 – This is designed for people that have more than 40lbs to lose.

Atkins 40 – This one is designed for people with less than 40lbs to lose. =

A guide to the Atkins Diet

There is a four-phase plan to the Atkins Diet. Renowned for low carb meals – and still being able to indulge in some treats!

The Induction phase means you have to eat less than 20 grams of carbs for two weeks.

The Balancing phase allows you to slowly add more nuts and black fruit to your diet.

The Fine-tuning phase gives you the opportunity to add more carbs, actually welcoming the weight loss to slow down.

Lastly, the Maintenance phase is, as you imagined, about maintaining your happy weight – eating carbs without gaining unwanted weight.

By the way, the Atkins 40 is very similar to the guide above too, but instead of 20 grams of carbs at the beginning, you get 40 grams.

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What you should and shouldn’t eat on the Atkins Diet

Dr Atkins diet also has rules about what you should and shouldn’t eat.

I’ve made a simple list of the best Atkins diet foods, and also what you should avoid.

If you click here, you’ll find some great Atkin Diet products, I found this really helpful when trying out this diet.

Some super tips and products to help restore my postpartum body!

The positives of the Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet is quite chill and easy, making it great for postpartum weight loss.

Here are some of the benefits.

It’s super easy to follow – There’s no strict monitoring, there are just the grams to count, but there’s no guilt if you mess up a little.

Fast Weight loss – The early phases make you lose weight super quick – those first couple phases make you lose so much weight, that tummy after pregnancy? It’ll disappear.

Self Control – You don’t get as many cravings for food – because it’s so unrestrictive you really don’t start to crave any of those things that you might think you’ll miss.

The negatives of the Atkins Diet

Hard to commit long term – There’s a possibility you’ll gain the weight back – especially if you start to really take advantage of the last phases. It does take a lot of self-discipline not to go back to your old ways.

You don’t get the mental and physical benefits – You lose weight, yes, but you don’t really feel mentally or physically better.

Expensive if not carefully planned – Some of the Atkins products can be quite pricey, but if you want the ultimate convenience i.e. You are MEGA busy running around after the children! Then Atkins do sell Meal Kits.

The Meal Kits are superb.

I used this Atkins Discount Voucher a few times and as far as I know it is still working a treat – get 10% off any Meal Kits – Give it a try guys!

Atkins Discount Voucher

Comparing Keto Diet Vs Atkins Diet

I would say that the Keto Diet is more of a lifestyle change, that will completely transform your life. The Atkins, if not completely motivated enough, could just be a short-term weight loss plan.

Atkins, in the early phases, is very similar to the Keto Diet.

However, after the first phases, the diets completely start to differ.

The Atkins Diet starts to allow more carbohydrates, not that many, but the Keto Diet doesn’t do this.

This is why I decided to stick with the Keto Diet.

The quick weight loss tactic with the Atkins Diet is great, but maybe only if you need to lose quick, temporary weight. The Keto diet keeps the weight off and can benefit you in other aspects of life.

Personally, I found that my Keto Diet results exceeded my expectations. My weight loss with the Atkins Diet, yes, did exist, but…

I just didn’t stick to it.

I found the Atkins Diet just wasn’t as effective for me (Remember! We are all different)

Is the Keto or Atkins Diet better?

Ultimately, it completely depends on what your goals are?

On face value, I would say the Keto Diet worked best for me – it helped me lose some post-pregnancy weight, keep it off and also elevated my energy and mental performance.

It does require a little more effort, with tracking your food and ketone levels, but it’s just one of those things that is completely worth it.

You know what they say; hard work pays off.

I would always go for a diet that offers long-term benefits, rather than a quick fix. This will make sure you make that mummy tummy disappears…forever.

All in all, to choose which one is better is a difficult one to answer, everybody is different and both diets have their appeals and both have their cons.

The Atkins diet can prove to be a really great alternative for anybody who doesn’t feel like they can stick to the strict Keto rules.

Let me know if you decide to follow one of these diets, and how you found it.

Diet plays a large part of rediscovering that motivation and energy required to manage your body effectively. Whilst I like many aspects of the Atkins diet, it just isn’t suited to me as much, maybe you have a different experience?

The Keto Diet suits my lifestyle much more, especially when combined with the benefits of just eating clean whole foods.

It took a few weeks but I got to a point where i felt much more balanced, energetic and ready to tackle the days challenges. Lets face it, having an exercise Plan can be difficult when you are running around learning how to look after a new baby too!

I hope this has given you a general overview of both the Keto & Atkins Diets. If you want more information around the Keto Diet make sure you read my Ultimate Keto Diet Guide.

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