Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workouts Review

I know you’ve probably heard of it already.

One of THE BEST workout programmes available for women, and the perfect solution for restoring your figure and shape postpartum.

Bikini Body Workouts, it’s the online system which is designed to get you bikini body ready/confident in as little as 60 days.

Genuinely – you can get great results and lose weight in 2 months.

I know, it probably warrants an eye roll – I did the exact same thing, but before you jump off this review, just wait.

To make this review worthwhile, I have three different opinions:

The main one is myself, a tired mother of two who lives in joggers (I’m not joking lol)

My sister – an active, fitness lover, early 30’s, no kids and still has that luxury of time to herself and a social life (remember that?)

Last but not least, my beautiful mother – a busy, retired lady who wants to look her best.

All three of us gave it a shot, and all three of us are so glad that we decided to.

You don’t have to take my word for it, Bikini Body Workouts might just be the one for you though.

Keep reading to find out what was so great, why it might just be the fitness program for you and whether or not you’ll be able to get a bikini body in 60 days.

What is Bikini Body Workout?

As you can probably tell from the name, Bikini Body Workouts revolves around the idea of working out so that you can look and feel great in a bikini (The clue is in the name huh)

Make no mistake, I believe that if you have any body at all, then you have a bikini body. We are all beautiful in our own way and everyone should be proud to show their body off no matter what shape or size.

However, after having two children, I was absolutely in need of a confidence boost to get into a bikini – I think I would have gone to the beach in a sleeping bag if I hadn’t discovered Bikini Body Workouts.

Bikini Body Workouts provides you with effective workouts, that you can do from home, and easy to follow diets that go hand-in-hand with your goals.

“Diet” always seems to spring alarm bells too, but these diets didn’t feel restrictive or hard at all.

I didn’t have to live off lettuce and water, I just ate better and trained alongside it.

Basically, it’s an online system that provides you with everything you need for that beach body transformation.

It helps you lose weight, gain muscle and increase your confidence without gruelling hours in the gym or on a strict crash diet.

It cost me $29.99, which is absolute peanuts for the value being offered for top female fitness program.

In fact, I would say it is amazing value for money.

Who created Bikini Body Workouts?

It wouldn’t be fair if we reviewed the product without crediting the creator.

Step forward Jen Ferrugia.


Jen Ferruggia’s resume is completely full; coach, strength trainer, nutrition trainer, model and personal chef are just a few of her titles. (She is wonder woman!)

Admittedly, this can be a little bit intimidating – but in the crazy world of workout plans and diets, there are very few that actually work, especially for women, but Jen’s do.

Jen Ferrugia lives and breathes fitness.

Her husband Jason Ferrugia is a legend in his own right – a renowned fitness & strength expert in the states. I imagine there isn’t much they don’t know about exercise between them.

Jason has an excellent course himself – aimed mainly at men – but worth a look if you have an other half that needs some conditioning advice.

One look at Jen Ferrugia website and you will see results to back her claims, everyday women that look just like me ended up with abs of steel.


Jen Ferrugia has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Movement and it took her ten whole years to develop this system.

What I personally loved the most about Jen is that I really related to her, she understands that life has moments which make you gain a bit of weight – she’s experienced it too.

We all have our ups and downs – that’s normal – use those downs to drive you onwards.

Her motivation and inspiration in life is to help others, and you can’t fault that.

She uses these workout and diet plans herself, and if you take one look at her (check out her Instagram) that’ll be motivation enough to stick to it.

What do you want to achieve with Bikini Body Workouts?

I was so sceptical about this system actually working that I had to get my family involved in it.

Not only for moral support and motivation, but so that I could give a varied, extensive review.

I setup the Weight Loss Tracker – which you can download for free here and we set about learning what Jen required of us!

Myself, my sister and my mother all have different abilities and goals, we wanted to see if Bikini Body Workouts worked for all of us. P.S they’re troopers for agreeing to do this with me.

So, what were our goals?

My Mother

Obviously, she’s a little older than me, she’s had three children and now has two grandchildren (my daughters). Her goals were to lose stomach fat using low intensity workouts.

My Sister

I did doubt my decision to let my sister join in, she’s super fit and active and I thought she would make me feel guilty. But I thought it would be good to add a health fanatic in here. Her goals were simply to get more toned without the excessive need for the gym


My goals were to feel confident and destroy that mummy tummy I had gained since my second pregnancy. I had lost all confidence and felt so lost with my body, I always thought I would be able to lose fat after pregnancy and wear a bikini, but it just didn’t happen. My main goals were to lose the post baby tummy with easy, post-pregnancy exercises.

All in all, we all had different goals and ambitions, as well as different abilities and skill sets. I was so curious to discover whether or not Bikini Body Workouts would adhere to all of our needs.


Use the Link to go to the Official Website


What is included with Bikini Body Workouts?

Before I climb any further into the review, I need to explain just what the system is ingeniously divided into, which might give you a better idea of how you achieve your desired bikini body.

As a member you will have complete access to everything below:

  • Workout videos – These might be my favourite things, they’re easy to follow instructional exercise videos that you can do absolutely anywhere.
  • Workout at home guide – These step by step guides really helped me. When you’re a beginner you can begin to feel extremely overwhelmed, so, these guides give you directions on how to effectively exercise from home, using equipment and all you need to know about eating, resting, sets and reps. I feel like an expert now.
  • The ultimate gym workout guideI think I’ll be using this one in the future, when I gain a little bit more confidence. I have already read through it and already know that it will be useful. Basically, it gives detailed information about the exercises you can perform at the gym. Using the standard equipment like benches, pressed, barbells, dumbbells, cable pulleys and all those other super cool things. There are also videos that give you safety instructions – you don’t want to hurt yourself at the gym.
  • Supplement list – I literally knew nothing about supplements before this, I saw that there were thousands of different types and gave up before even starting. However, this supplement list is so easy and has the potential to make you look and feel better. Studies have shown that supplements can enhance your fitness journey, thus making it a worthwhile thing to look into.
  • Nutrition Guide – This was another guide that I was completely sceptical about using. I have tried so many diet plans; they’ve been boring, bland and hard to follow, ultimately leading to me completely not following them. This one was very different. You eat delicious, nutritious meals and something else which I loved; there’s no counting calories. Jen Ferruggia (the creator) doesn’t believe this works, and I agree. There’s absolutely no proof that restricting and punishing yourself benefits you. Even if your prefer the Keto Diet or Clean Eating they will still be great in combination with Jen Ferrugias workout guide.
  • Shopping listSo, with the nutrition guide and supplement list it also includes a useful shopping list for you to follow when you’re next completing your food shop. I love lists, I love shopping and I love this shopping list.
  • The Booty Blast – I was so excited about this; being bikini body ready isn’t complete without a good booty. After my post-pregnancy weight gain, this area of my body was hit pretty hard. The 21-day booty blast comes with easy but effective ten-minute exercises that specifically target your booty. Convenient – check. Effective – check. Whats not to like!

jen ferrugia booty blast review

How I discovered Bikini Body Workouts

I’ve already mentioned my post-pregnancy weight gain – I not only gained weight, my body completely changed…everything looked so different.

I had tried workout plans in the past, but just couldn’t stick to them, I started to feel quite lost and was ready to give up and accept this new, unconfident self.

And then, the unthinkable happened – I got invited on a beach vacation with friends and family.

To be fair they gave me about 8 months to process the nightmare, but I was terrified.

Before my pregnancy the idea of a beach vacation would have been the best thing ever, in fact, you wouldn’t be able to stop me jumping in a bikini and chilling by a pool but now, those two words “beach and vacation” invoked only fear.

I quickly jumped on Google in a panic and searched for bikini body workouts, and Jen’s kept popping up. “Get a bikini body in 60 days” would keep showing, and my first thought was “impossible”.

But then, as I saw more and more people had tried it, I saw the results and I got a glimpse of the plan, I decided to try it out.

It wasn’t hundreds or thousands of dollars, so worth a try.

I just wanted to feel better about myself, and it seemed like this would let me do this.

I asked my mum and sister to go through the process with me, secretly because I knew it would trigger my competitive side and I might actually stick to it.

Let’s just say, I am so glad I discovered it.

Does Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workouts work?

So, did I get a bikini body in 60 days?

I would say……YES.

I had the confidence to wear a bikini around people in 60 days. I actually started to see results after just three weeks.

You have to set your own expectations though – did I look like Jen? Abs busting out of my skin?

Of course not! Jen is a dedicated pro when it comes to fitness and exercise.

I did however feel like a more confident version of me – exactly what I wanted to achieve.

The beginning of the program was exciting, I loved the workouts and felt super motivated.

However, I took this feeling with a tiny pinch of salt – in the past I have had these same feelings about a lot of workout plans, only to lose interest a couple weeks in.

This didn’t happen with Jen’s system.

Not only have I lost weight, I have a toned stomach and my booty has not looked so good in ages!

My family and friends even noticed, not just that I have lost weight, but that I look healthier and seem more energetic.

Be prepared for the “you’re glowing” comments.

My mother and sister also told me how much they loved it, my mum was able to exercise effectively for the first time in years and feel good about herself, and feels so much healthier and, in her own cliched words; “I feel ten years younger”.

My mum loved that Bikini Body Workouts was simple enough to follow for any level of experience. You do not have to be a gym freak for this workout to work.

My sister loves it in quite a different way, she uses it on her days away from the gym so that she can still do a workout, but not have to leave the house.

She’s also used the gym guide to help her with her current gym routine. She even told me that she had recommended it to one of her friends who was going through a nasty breakup and needed to take her mind off it.

Having to get stuck into something has been a perfect distraction.

Even though all three of us have different bodies, aims and abilities, we all managed to feel the burn and get results that we really wanted.

So, yes, in short, Bikini Body Workouts does work (especially for that postpartum body), and I managed to achieve my goals in less than 60 days – I still continue to use the workouts and still continue to see results.

I can’t wait to see how I look and feel in another month or two.

jen feruggia workout guide review

What I really liked about Jen Ferrugias Bikini Body Workouts

I’m going to be completely honest, for someone who loved exercise classes and fitness pre children I had become kinda lazy.

Me and my hubby were so tired for the first few months (maybe longer!) of having our first kid that we did become reliant on fast food – convenient, delicious but not exactly wholesome eh.

I just made excuses as to why I couldn’t workout.

What I really liked about Bikini Body Workouts were how easy they were to follow and fit in my daily schedule.

I didn’t have to make a trip to the gym or pull myself out of bed at the crack of dawn to go running, I could just put the videos on (whilst my children were asleep) and make changes to my body in the comfort of my living room.

I also loved the nutrition guide.

You see, exercise is only part of achieving your dream body. I know for a fact that if it wasn’t for the nutrition guide, I would not have had the right kind of diet which allowed me to see great results.

I have since shifted Diets and tend to rotate – but a lot of the principles that Jen teaches you are the same fundamental basics of eating healthier – no matter what name is on the latest diet.

jen ferrugia bikini body workout

Weirdly enough, I also liked how relatable Jen was, not to mention how inspirational.

I didn’t feel like I was being shouted at by some trainer (which I have felt in the past), I just felt like I was getting advice from another woman who had worked hard to achieve her amazing body, to help me get rid of my tummy after pregnancy.

Booty blast was something which was tough but, oh my goodness, I loved it. I am so glad that Jen included it in the bikini workout.

Is there anything I didn’t like about Bikini Body Workouts?

Don’t get me wrong, Jen’s Bikini Body Workouts is amazing, and absolutely worth the money.

However, it wouldn’t be a fair review if I didn’t include some of the things which I wish could have been different.

The first little thing, It would be awesome if Jen would include videos on nutrition, supplements and diet.

I was a complete beginner with these things. So, I did feel like I had been thrown in the deep end with the whole “eating healthy” thing.

That being said, I quickly adapted and made it my own, especially with the help from my mum.

I just would have loved to see Jen, on video, make some meals or give some tips on nutrition.

I also think it’s necessary to mention that you do have to buy other equipment.

However, Bikini Body Workouts is such great value for money, there are no monthly billings and, if you’re not completely satisfied, you will get your money back.

This makes it so much better and cost-effective than a gym membership.

buy bikini body review

Is Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workouts right for you?

From my experience, and getting opinions from two other people, I would say ABSOLUTELY.

The system is designed for both beginners who want to feel better about their bodies and those who are more advanced, who just was to add a little extra something to their workouts.

It is a great women’s workout system and perfect for every kind of lifestyle – especially for busy mothers.

The workouts aren’t more than 45 minutes each, and you even get rest days.

It works around your schedule, and you can access it on your mobile devices so it doesn’t matter where you are.

Here’s the thing, I think the perfect bikini body is whatever you make of it, how you feel and how confident you are.

Yes, Bikini Body Workouts allowed me to lose fat after pregnancy, but it also gave me a sense of pride with my body.

Which was an amazing feeling.

I was spurred on as I had a goal too – that vacation was the extra motivation I needed. I HAD to make Jen’s system work for me!


Use the Link to go to the Official Website


I absolutely recommend Bikini Body Workouts, and so does my mother and sister, in case you were curious.

To summarise; it’s an affordable way to lose post pregnancy weight and get all the help and guidance you need to eat healthy and exercise safely.

It’s the most comprehensive, easy bikini body guide you’ll probably find. If I can do it, anybody can do it.

Click here to get started on you new bikini body journey

Let me know if you try this system, if it worked for you and what your results are…let’s motivate each other.

Also, Jen Ferruggia, if you ever read this – thank you!

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