Clean eat your way into smaller jeans with the whole food diet

Have you heard of clean eating?

No, it’s not washing your food before eating it (although we wouldn’t go against that either).

There’s no direct way to follow clean eating, but, it basically boils down to cutting out processed and fast foods and focusing on consuming only whole foods.

The beauty with clean eating, is that it really is what you make of it, in other words, you can determine the rules for yourself.

The whole idea is to just become more aware with what you’re eating, whilst lowering your intake of sugar, sodium and artificial ingredients.

Clean eating has been gaining a lot of momentum lately, which can probably be attributed to how flexible it is. We’ve all seen and tried the other diets, you know, the ones with tonnes and tonnes of strict rules?

Clean eating allows you to pick and choose how far you go with it.

Some avid clean eaters might just cut out everything that’s processed, and that’s great. But what we love the most about clean eating is that you don’t have to be so hard on yourself, you can create a lenient plan that works around your budget and schedule.

This makes the clean eating diet ideal for beginners too.

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Clean eating basics

I know that switching up your busy routine causes a fear that it’ll disrupt your balance, creating a world of crazy.

I am completely aware that you probably think that you don’t have the time to start clean eating. But honestly, it’s super easy.

Clean eating for beginners is simple and actually quite exciting; here are a few steps just to get you started on the journey:

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Why does clean eating matter?

Well, you’re probably already completely aware that whole foods are just better than processed foods. But the real health benefits are just immense.

Firstly, eating fresh foods will aid in the prevention of weight gain and consequently chronic diseases. As well as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer and strokes, and that’s just naming a few.

Cutting out the salt and sugar also has its benefits; research has proven that reducing your salt intake will prevent hypertension (abnormally high blood pressure). In turn, your chances of developing heart related health issues will decrease too.

It doesn’t stop there, 80% of trans fats comes from processed foods…pretty scary, right? These trans fats are linked to cardiovascular health issues. It’s time to cut them out.

Talk to me about clean eating weight loss

You will be glad to know that clean eating is a really simple and effective way to lose weight. As well as this, clean eating will give you energy that you didn’t know existed – giving you a new lease of life to exercise.

So many people give up on their diet goals because they get sick of depriving themselves of good food.

Clean eating opens up a world of fresh, delicious food, without the preservatives, just natural goodness that your body will respond to in kind.

There are tonnes of clean eating weight loss success stories, including one from my long time colleague, Katie.

Katie’s story is one we’re all too familiar with – transforming from a fit twenty-something to an overweight working mum. Trying every single diet imaginable, only to give up because, well, those diets often just weren’t feasible as a working mum.

Katie was able to lose 30 pounds by eating clean, and keep it off, without depriving herself of the treats that she loved the most. And this is just one example, clean eating weight loss results are extremely easy to find.

You can lose weight naturally, without exercise and feel amazing whilst doing it. I promise.

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Clean eating weight loss meal plan

As we mentioned, clean eating is super flexible, and so, the following clean eating meal plan gives you an idea of a sample day. Take this as a little guideline to how to begin clean eating with whole foods.

Your clean eating diet plan is completely individual to you, mix it up as much as you want.

Maybe you have more free time one morning? Why not make avocado-egg toast? It’s completely up to you.

Clean eating shopping list

We want to guide you as much as possible in your journey to clean eating. Clean eating recipes, you can make your own, but there are certain foods to add to your next shopping list, just to get you started.

Remember…….. Eat the Rainbow!

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"As a guide, a third of our diet should be fruits and vegetables, a third starchy carbohydrates (preferably high fibre as wholegrain versions) and the final third lean protein-rich foods (meat, fish, beans, lentils) and reduced-fat dairy products."

This whole food shopping list makes clean eating for beginners a walk in the park.

The more you play around with clean eating, the more of an expert you’ll become.

Just check the labels for the healthier options of your favourite things. No added sugar, salt or preservatives labels are your safest choice for canned foods and sauces.

It is incredible how much clean eating can change your world, there’s a reason why superstars, like Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry, are also trying their hand at it.

Clean eating is a super fun process; it’s readily available for those of us who don’t have the time or resources to stick to a strict diet, which is why I love it.

Importantly it also gives you that renewed interest in what you are eating.

I love food again, I am interested and excited in trying new recipes.

I also have the added motivation that I want feed my family whole foods and let them reap the benefits of clean eating for years to come

A quick search around the web and you’ll find a recipe that you’ll love, clean eating weight loss results for inspiration and meal plans.

We’ve been trying our hand at this online clean eating cookbook – there are so many amazing clean eating recipes for busy weeknights, and we’re obsessed.

Before long you’ll be able to look and feel amazing, without having to rely solely on crazy diet fads or time-consuming exercise plans.

Hit the comments to let us know all about your clean eating routine, results and recipes.

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