Celebrity Mum’s – The BIG Secrets to losing their baby weight!

Pregnancy often changes your body completely, and many new mums struggle to get their body back to the way it once was.

So how do the celebrities do it?

Expensive personal trainers and lots of liposuction right?

Not always – let us discover the Celebrity top tips for postpartum weight loss.

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I know just as well as the next mum, that it is difficult – not only do you have a newborn, you have a completely new routine and you are still recovering from childbirth.

However, celebrities make it look so easy (or at least the media does); they just bounce back and look amazing, instantly, making us question, “How do celebrities lose weight so fast after pregnancy?”

Obviously, I know that celebrities have the best nutritionists, personal trainers and help that money can buy, but there are ways that you can incorporate their secrets in a healthy, realistic way.

Just remember, your health is the most important factor to consider, make sure you are comfortable and don’t participate in anything dangerous or excessive.

Do not rush into anything – time with your baby, and learning how to manage is the priority.

Some find it easy, some find it damn tough (I know!!).

Look after yourself first.

When you are ready to start losing baby weight then you are in the right place – I have lots of reviews, tips, and experience I can share with you.

You are not alone 🙂

Below I have listed a few of my favorite post-pregnancy celebrity bounce backs, and ways that you can copy without, you know, the unlimited amount of money.

Kim Kardashian West – reality television personality, entrepreneur and socialite

Kim Kardashian weight loss advice after pregnancy The reality star, and all-around beauty queen has been very open about her weight loss after her second child.

I love how honest she has been about her whole post-pregnancy weight loss journey – she admits that she fell off the bandwagon a little bit, after eating unhealthily with her kids, something we can all relate to.

Anyway, here’s how she snapped right back to that famous body of hers:


Kim Kardashian actually followed the Atkins Diet. The Atkins Diet is literally just a low-carb diet, but it isn’t restrictive so you end up with less hunger and less cravings.

There are also different types of Atkins diets to fit your lifestyle, bodies, needs and goals. You can find out more about these here.


Kim Kardashian tackled exercising head on – she would wake up at 6am (before her kids woke up) and would blast out some intense exercise. Obviously, she has a personal trainer and (I’m assuming) her own gym, and probably a nanny or two to get all the things done that swamp us!

How can you copy?

You can absolutely follow the Atkins diet – the best thing about it is that you don’t feel deprived from anything, and it’s not a dangerous “crash diet”.

I’ve compared Atkins Diet Vs Keto Diet here – Keto may be another great option for you?

I love that Kim Kardashian followed the Atkins Diet; it’s so achievable and realistic for every new mum.

As for exercise, completing a workout whilst your baby is still asleep will definitely help you lose baby weight fast – you will just need to be better with your time unless you have the support of family (or a nanny!) to help with the chores.


Blake Lively – Actress & Ryan Reynolds Beautiful Wife

So, Blake Lively has such an incredible celebrity post baby body, just how did she do it?

Just to begin, she has already credited her personal trainer for the reason why she lost 59lbs, but don’t lose hope just yet.

blake lively baby bump weight loss

I promise, Blake Lively’s routine is a lot more achievable than you might believe, in fact, she kept it so real throughout that women actually took to Instagram to thank her for not posting something unattainable.


Blake Lively’s diet was something so simple, yet so effective – no gluten and no soy. You’ll realise that cutting out both of these ingredient
s means that you’re actually cutting out processed food. In other words, she followed a clean eating diet but didn’t beat herself up for cheat days.


Her personal trainer, you know, the one she credited for her ability to lose baby weight fast, well, he said that sometimes it would just be a 20-minute workout.

There’s a weird myth that you need to workout for hours a day – but this just isn’t possible when you’ve got a new-born. Try some HIIT workouts.

How can you copy?

This might be my favorite celebrity weight loss diet story.

Everything about her story is extremely relatable, just eat clean (read more here) and workout every day, even if it’s just for 20 minutes.

Stay on track, but don’t deprive yourself and beat yourself up. Look at Beachbody On Demand for a convenient way of working out – over 700 different workouts available and all via your phone or computer.


Jessica Biel – Actress & Mum to Mini Timberlake

jessica biel pregnant weight loss Jessica Biel did prenatal hiking and yoga exercises, which is a trend that a lot of celebrities followed whilst being pregnant.

Exercising whilst being pregnant is a big thing, but I digress, what did she do postpartum to lose the baby weight?


Jessica Biel followed the Paleo diet. This kind of diet includes all the important bits – meat, fish, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. A Paleo diet doesn’t include dairy, grains and legumes. It’s extremely manageable.


Jessica Biel actually commented on the unrealistic pressures that new mums feel to lose weight, which I completely respect.

I mean. She does still have a personal trainer to keep her on track, but she also revealed Biel’s secret – VersaClimbers.

If you have a local gym, this could be the best weight loss story for you. It’s safe but super effective.

How can you copy?

If you want to give Jessica Biel’s routine a try, get yourself on that Paelo diet and head down to the gym to use a VersaClimber.

Yes its less convenient but Gym memberships are much more affordable these days – if you have the time right!?


Kate Middleton – British Royal Beauty

kate middleton loses baby weight Literally as little as two months after giving birth, Kate looked absolutely stunning, leaving many to question just how she did it.

She definitely makes pregnancy weight loss easy, and it’s just not fair.


I can only imagine the amazing food that gets served to Kate, however you may be shocked to know that she actually enjoys home-cooked, healthy meals, often made by herself.


I think exercising plays a bigger part in Kate Middleton’s weight loss success, which is good news to all us lazy cookers out there.

Kate has always loved sports, things like tennis, skiing and hockey were some of her favourites. Post baby, Kate enjoys swimming, hiking, rowing and jogging.

How can you copy?

Honestly, with Kate is seems to just boil down to having amazing genetics.

However, we can all try to eat healthier home-cooked foods, and dip into fun, lightweight exercise like hiking and swimming.

Every little counts – and like the tortoise and the hare sometimes it’s the slow race that wins.


Carrie Underwood

Carrie_Underwood_baby bump I had to include Carrie Underwood, purely because she is an example of celebrity weight loss after a c-section.

So many new mums struggle to find answers on how to become slim after Cesarean delivery.

When you have a c-section, you recover in a different way, making your exercise routines a little different.

So, how did Carrie do it?


Carrie is actually Vegan, which means that her diet is already automatically packed with lots of fruits and vegetables.

She also cut out bread from her diet meaning she was eating just protein, vegetables and fruit.


As with most c-section pregnancies, Carrie had to wait six weeks before working out – you need to heal and look after yourself more post c-section.

That being said, within a couple weeks she was taking light walks around her neighbourhood.

After the six weeks was over, she hit the workouts with full force, mixing up her routines and committing to high intensity workouts.

How can you copy?

The most important thing to take from this story is to wait. Don’t push yourself when it isn’t healthy.

By all means attempt a vegan diet and go for the high intensity workouts, it worked for Carrie. As we have said previously though, other diets can be just as effective – Keto Diet or Whole Food / Clean Eating Diet.


Beyonce – All singing All Dancing Celebrity

beyonce pregnant weight loss Beyonce always looks perfect, annoyingly even after giving birth to twins.

However, this is a little bit of a different example…..

Beyonce has admirably stated that she’s not in any kind of rush to lose the weight, and is actually embracing her post-baby body.

The singer had to undergo an emergency c-section, which resulted in her being swollen from toxaemia.

She had to be on bed rest for over a month, and she kept it quite chill until then.

The singer is vegan and she also gave up alcohol and coffee. She also obviously dances…like, a lot.

What should you take from this?

Give your body time to recover, and only begin to lose any weight when you feel ready.

No pregnancy or new mum is the same, how you choose to react is fine.

Dieting and exercising shouldn’t just be about looking great (although that is a bonus), it should be about feeling energetic, being healthy and having more self-confidence.

Celebrity weight loss secrets are great to incorporate into your own lifestyle – but remember, you are unique.

Yes they have a lot of extra help and comforts, but….

There are more affordable and convenient options for those of us that don’t have helping hands with the kids, or a personal chef 🙂

For inspiration and advice check out my other Reviews.

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