Top Tips For Preventing Stretch Marks

get rid of stretch marks postpartum

Stretch marks – The curse of pregnancy Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, there’s absolutely no question about that. You’re growing a new life in your body, ready to bring it into the world. Your body and mind are completely changing to prepare for one of the biggest changes yet. Whilst some of these changes are … Read more

Coping Postpartum: I Pee when i Sneeze!

how to get rid of stretch marks post pregnancy using oil

How to Cope with your Postpartum body And Yes….. It is completely OK to Pee when you Sneeze, Jump or Cough. More about that later. When you’re pregnant, everybody loves to tell you about all the life changes; loss of sleep, change in priorities, no alone time, saving accounts, and a slight change in fashion. … Read more

Celebrity Mum’s – The BIG Secrets to losing their baby weight!

celebrity weight loss inspiration

Celebrity Mum’s – The BIG Secrets to losing their baby weight! Pregnancy often changes your body completely, and many new mums struggle to get their body back to the way it once was. So how do the celebrities do it? Expensive personal trainers and lots of liposuction right? Not always – let us discover the … Read more

Top 12: Best Fitness Gifts 2018 – Which do you want off Santa?

the best xmas gifts 2018

12 Top Fitness Gifts for Christmas Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year as they say, and there’s no better way to celebrate it than spoiling those you love with the right Christmas fitness gifts. Fitness and Exercise play significant parts in people’s lives these days. It goes beyond mild interest, let’s face … Read more

Weight Loss Accountability + FREE Weight Loss Challenge Tracker

free weight loss spreadsheet tracking weight loss in a group

Download my FREE Weight Loss Tracker Spreadsheet Here Perfect for tracking Weight Loss in a Group (or on your own) Weight Loss Challenge – Friends, Accountability, Tracking I know that when you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight, it’s not just as easy as just having willpower. It is way too easy to slip … Read more

Clean Eating the Weight Away with a Whole Food Diet

clean eating snack recipe workout whole food cookbook

Clean eat your way into smaller jeans with the whole food diet Have you heard of clean eating? No, it’s not washing your food before eating it (although we wouldn’t go against that either). There’s no direct way to follow clean eating, but, it basically boils down to cutting out processed and fast foods and … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Foam Rolling

a guide to foam rollers and muscle massage

A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO FOAM ROLLING​ Foam Rolling – Sounds relaxing huh? Have you ever walked into the gym and seen overly enthusiastic gym goers face down on the floor, gyrating and rubbing themselves. I did, and before i ran for the door (thinking what kind of perverts come here!), i stopped to see what … Read more