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Is It Possible To Drink Yourself Thin?

Every morning, I wake up (or be woken up!), then have to get the kids out of bed, fed, dressed, entertained.

My eldest is at school now – I swear, 5 blinks of the eye and it’s time to pick her up before the evening routine is then in full swing.

At what point do I have time to go to the gym or exercise? Help!

What if I told you that recovering postpartum and losing that post pregnancy weight can also be aided with good hydration and the right drinks?

When you think of diets, your mind more than likely jumps to food and exercise. Eat less, exercise more, right?

Yes, these are two really important factors but there’s a lot that can be said about liquids too. I overlooked the importance of liquids and hydration when starting my diet, mainly because I didn’t know what to drink to lose weight.

This was a mistake, here’s why; drinks play such an important part in our weight loss stories. Not only for hydration (crucial) but for speeding up our metabolic rates and aiding in digestion.

This is great news for everybody who doesn’t like to cook or just has a busy schedule. They offer a convenience that other aspects of dieting just can’t provide.

So, here are some of the best drinks to lose weight after having a baby.

Can I lose weight just by drinking water and lemon ?

If you’re looking for a super quick homemade weight loss drink, lemon water could be the best choice for you.

Lemon is so lovely and refreshing, it’s bursting with vitamin C and has immune boosting properties too.

Another, less known, fact is that lemon is great for reducing weight. It increases the body’s metabolic rate, maintains digestive health and regulates natural bowel movements.

lose weight drinking lemon water

Out of all the homemade belly burning drinks, lemon water comes out at number one. Having a glass every morning, before you eat, will help you lose weight. I got into this habit on my quest to destroy my post-baby tummy, and it made me feel great.

It’s also supposed to provide you with a blast of natural, healthy energy. Great for busy lifestyles or as a post-exercise drink.

What is Keto Coffee Creamer

I’ve talked about the keto diet in my ultimate Keto Diet – a diet that worked wonders for me and I thoroughly recommend.

Long story short, I fell in love with this Keto Coffee Creamer as an amazing way of supplementing my keto diet. Keto Coffee creamer contains MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which the body converts to ketones, which your body processes to aid weight less through keto.

keto coffee creamer helps lose weight fast

I was sceptical at first, mainly because, well you know it sounds kinda weird?

One thing you need to be aware of when changing to a Keto diet, MCTs can initially cause stomach discomfort. Take it easy and build up slowly with coffee creamer – there are no daily limits but just let your body gradually adjust.

Keto coffee creamer is high in healthy fats required and low carbs.

With something so easy to make, it became a natural part of my daily routine. In fact, I saw it as a luxury. It’s so easy to forget that this coffee creamer is actually benefiting you.

My goal with dieting was to lose fat after pregnancy – I could barely recognize my body. With the birth, yes, my body changed but so did my schedule.

My day is full from start to finish, the fact that this keto coffee creamer assists with my diet makes it easy to fit in to my schedule.

I felt like I had more energy – something I could then put to good use and get some exercise done.

I love my coffee.

Fit life tea, does it work?

If you’re looking for a get slim tea (and another one of my personal favorites) then Fit Life Tea could steal your heart.

fit life tea used to lose weight by drinking

A bit of variety for your taste buds.

This wonderful, organic, laxative-free tummy fat reducing tea will boost metabolism, increase your energy and detox your body. Ensuring that you will see results.

It might seem like a tea that makes you lose belly fat is too good to be true, but this natural detox tea honestly does that. Not only that, you can choose what tea you want – Teatox, Sleepy or Energy.

Personally, I opted for energy just because I was determined to lose that stubborn mummy tummy. I was surprised to feel like it woke up my mind as well as my body…who needs coffee?

Check them out and pick the right one for you here.

Protein drinks for weight loss

I was surprised when (my fitness obsessed) sister told me that the best drink to lose belly fat was a protein drink.

I always thought that protein was used for those looking to bulk or gain weight. But remember, protein promotes muscle growth – which means you’ll lose weight and look more toned.

Protein is super low in carbs, meaning it fits in with most diets – even the keto diet.

It was quite refreshing for me to just add some water and shake something up, knowing I was benefiting my body.

Check out Instagram – it is full of great looking women promoting Beachbody on demand alongside Shakeology.

In my opinion you can do this yourself:

  1. Beachbody On Demand (Review Here)
  2. Protein Shakes (See below)
  3. Free motivational spreadsheet for you and your friends for some good old accountability

Much cheaper than the full package promoted via the MLM groups.

So, what is the best protein drink for weight loss?

I have two recommendations;

The MicroPure Whey Protein isolate – it tastes nice, it is easy on the digestive system and is low in calories. What more could you want?

best protein for weight loss postpartum

The NITRO-TECH Ripped – it has one purpose; to get lean. It’s a combination of protein and a weight-loss formula. It also contains green tea (I do love my tea in case you haven’t figured that out!).

weight loss drinking whey protein

Take these ideas or search for yourself. There are actually quite a few fat loss protein powder products out there, just make sure you choose Whey protein.

I say this because Whey has been proven to be the most successful for weight loss results. It’s also high in leucine, which helps prevent muscle soreness after a workout, making it easier for you to keep on track.

If you have any intolerance’s or lifestyle preferences then there are options – vegan whey protein, sugar free whey protein etc

An added bonus of losing weight drinking protein shakes is that there are so many varieties and flavors – so if you’re fussy with what you like there are so many options.

Weight loss hidden gem? Apple Cider Vinegar

I saw this one whilst scrolling through my Pinterest, it was marketed as a ‘Magic drink to reduce belly fat’ and, naturally, I had to try it out.

I mean could you really lose post baby weight drinking Apple Cider Vinegar?

lose weight drinking apple cider vinegar recipe

Apple Cider Vinegar really seems to be utilized in so many ways – for your skin, food, hair, deodorant…the list goes on. Did you know it can also be used as belly fat cleanse?

I was sceptical at first, but studies, with real human subjects, have proved that dieters can shed weight super quick if they drink a hot cup of water mixed with apple cider vinegar it every night. That’s right, if you’re wondering what to drink to lose weight overnight, many people recommend this beverage.

If you’re like me and hate the taste of vinegar (I really cannot stand it), you can try to add cinnamon, honey or pepper. Make sure your extra ingredients adhere to your diet, though.

This one isn’t for me but I had to include it as so many other people had mentioned it to me.

Fat busting Green smoothies and juice programs

Perhaps you’re looking for some healthy drinks to lose belly fat…smoothies could be your answer.

keto smoothie diet review

You can blend your fruit smoothies yourself, creating and trying out new recipes. Pineapple juice and coconut water weight loss smoothies are super popular.

I tried to make my own smoothies at first, I was a tiny bit overwhelmed – am i using the right fruits etc, and then I was introduced to the 21 day smoothie diet.

This provided me with easy-to-make smoothies that made me feel great – quite a few of my gym buddies follow this program. It’s actually pretty easy.

You cut out a meal a day by drinking fat busting green smoothies – full of nutrients and ingredients to give you mental clarity, energy, and kick that metabolism into fat loss mode.

**Click on the image below for $10 OFF the Smoothie Diet – BARGAIN!!**

21 day smoothie diet review benefits of green smoothies

I will write a full review of this program soon – although I have added it as a way of losing weight by drinking it is a proper program full of advice and help.

It probably deserves a more indepth discussion, so if you’re keen to know more take a look at the site or add a comment below and I will revisit this one.

That being said, you can totally try a smoothie cleanse on your own – the best ingredients are leafy green vegetables, bananas, berries, coconut water, pineapple, apples, almond milk and water.

Try some recipes out, see which works for you. Just make sure you get the right balance so you’re not substituting for high fat smoothies. I would recommend learning what works best and why green smoothies are great for weight loss post pregnancy.

If you want more information on the 21 day smoothie diet and how it can help you as a woman – this article discusses the benefits of green smoothies for weight loss and more:

Weight Loss, Detox, Beautiful Skin and Hair, Anti Aging, Energy Levels and so on….

Worth a read.

Something stronger – Alcohol Tipples

Honestly, I completely understand, sometimes the stress of a diet alone will make you want to crawl up with an alcoholic beverage. But drinking becomes confusing when you don’t know the best alcoholic drinks to support your diet.

the best alcohol for weight loss alcolohol you can drink on a diet

The good news is, you don’t have to settle for vodka sodas all the time. The bad news is, those cocktails that we all love are off the cards.

It’s not all that bad, weight loss friendly alcoholic drinks include; vodka, rum, gin, whiskey and tequila.

As always, drink with moderation for your health and just make sure whatever your mixing with it is diet friendly too (coca cola is no-go). You don’t want to ruin your hard work because of a calorie-rich vodka-coke, do you?

Plain old Water

We can’t skip one of the easiest, most obvious weight loss drinks. Water. It’s calorie-free, suppresses your appetite, helps you burn calories and cleanses your body. It really is an unsung hero.

The fact is – your body NEEDS water. It isn’t a nice to have, it’s an absolute essential 🙂

losing weight by drinking just water for weight loss

If you’re on a budget, in a rush, or trying to go completely natural, just try to drink lots of water. It goes without saying that you’ll have to do a lot more than just drink water, but it’s an amazing habit to get into.

It’s recommended that you drink about 1.2 litres a day (differing with your BMI), which is only about 6 – 8 glasses. The best way I make sure I’m drinking enough water is by keeping a bottle on me at all times.

Hydration is key to any healthy lifestyle.

Maybe you’re trying out a liquid diet or you’re attempting to incorporate healthier drinking habits into your diet. Regardless, it’s so important and can boost your results.

Weight loss drinks combined with exercise and a good diet will help you lose post pregnancy weight, look more toned and feel more energised.

I have to mention, as great as all these products are (I wouldn’t be recommending them if I didn’t love them), you do have to combine them with a healthy diet and exercise.

Let me know if you try out any of these drinks, and what you thought of them.

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