I am a self confessed Diet & Fitness Geek!

Once upon a time Beer & Burping would win over Yoghurt & Yoga. Not Now though

I have a renewed Energy and Vigour for Life. How?

Eating the RIGHT Foods & Regular EXERCISE, so much so I can ALMOST keep up with my Little Tikes!

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Personal Health & Fitness Reviews

Amongst my circle of Friends we always discuss the latest trend or fad:

  • How do i get rid of my “Mummy Tummy“!
  • Will Yoga calm me after a BUSY day at work?
  • Which Exercises will help my Hubby Lose Belly Fat FAST!?

I quickly realised it isn’t just me that has body hang-ups!

All my friends do…..

Heck, almost EVERY Man and Woman I’ve met has something they dislike about themselves!

You know what though?

Sometimes our concerns are legitimate and we may NEED those Fitness and Health improvements.

Other times… we need to lighten up on ourselves. Give ourselves a BREAK.

You get ONE shot at life. Spend it HAPPY & HEALTHY.

I started FatSense as a way of cataloging my own EXPERIENCE.

There is so much information out there – I had to start keeping track.

What Was My Turning Point?

I have always been active but after having my two BEAUTIFUL girls, I decided to prioritise my Fitness & Health.

I was shocked at what my body had endured during Pregnancy & Birth.

Post-Baby Body (& Mind) can DEFINITELY be a SHOCK to the system!

There was NO quick fix.

I needed to get FIT, LOSE the fat, and find some EXTRA energy through a better DIET and some EFFECTIVE exercise.

If my experience can help someone else too then PERFECT.

If that person is YOU, and I have somehow encouraged or helped you, then please reach out and let me know – it pushes me onward.

I spend a lot of my time researching ways of feeling FITTER, STRONGER & HEALTHIER (I am actually a little obsessive).

Check out the REVIEWS Section for MY Recommendations.

I love to be inspired and help others to IMPROVE their Health & Fitness, so REMEMEBER:

Stay Positive.

Try Hard.

Believe in yourself.

Each and every one of us is capable of AMAZING things.

If there is something you aren’t happy with – CHANGE IT!

You can do this.

Sara x


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At FatSense I will HELP you to get FIT, HEALTHY & HAPPY

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