5 Proven Tips to Fix Flabby Arms

The Curse of Arm Fat! Bingo Wings. Bat Flaps.

Many Women suffer from loose flabby skin on their arms.

Dreading the summer months and revealing short sleeved clothing.

Us women suffer the most, as generally we distribute fat around our body more than men.

Studies suggest 75% of Women hate the loose skin under the triceps.

The bad news. It is one of the hardest areas to tone and lose weight.

Often those worse affected have been hugely successful losing weight.

how to get rid of bingo wings arm fat

The loose, excess skin, now a gentle reminder of their larger days.

So, what can be done? Is there any fix?

In this Video, we will show you 5 Top Tips for blasting flabby arms for good.

Number 1.

The Power Ball.

This awesome device is great for toning and strengthening.

It focuses on the Hand, Wrist & Forearm. But we need that balance.

Targeting just your upper arms is not as effective if you ignore the lower area.

It may look cute, but the Powerball delivers a great workout, and can spin at 15,000 RPM!

You will feel the burn after a minute!

Number 2.

The Pool.

Affordable. Relaxing. Fun.
Get your bathers on and drag yourself to the pool.

One of the best upper arm exercises, is swimming.

Take it easy with the legs, and go hard with the arms.

High Intensity swimming, is amazing for toning your upper arms.

Number 3.

Slendertone Arms Muscle Trainer.

Don’t be intimidated by Slendertone equipment.

It works wonders for a lot of people by utilizing EMS Technology.

Toning upper arms with 3 different programs, and 99 intensity levels.

In a study. 89% of participants reported their arms were more toned. 72% reported that their arms felt more firm. Impressive results.

Number 4.

Resistance Bands.

An affordable and versatile way of achieving daily arm exercises.

Resistance bands are simple, but that is the beauty.

No trip to the gym, or expensive equipment, required.

You can carry out many different upper arm exercises to beat the bingo wings.

Number 5.

An Awesome Female Workout.

One of our favorites. Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workout.

Specifically targeted at us women, it focuses on the needs of our bodies.

One of the leading female workouts and will help burn fat all over.

Whilst helping you achieve lovely muscle definition in those arms.

Jen Ferrugia’s fitness knowledge is immense!

That concludes our 5 Proven Tips to Fix Flabby Arms video.

Please remember two things.

1. Anything is possible.
2. We are all different.

Eat right. Stay hydrated. Work hard.

With the right motivation, you can reach your happy place.

Do you agree with our list?

Join in the debate in the comments.
if you have anything else that worked for you then we would love to hear about it.

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Thank you for watching.

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